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Our Approach

To make the time with us worth a page in your history book, we fully intend on delivering a professional and friendly service that not only ensures your enjoyment but also your comfort and safety.


In every situation we find ourselves in, we always have the environment in mind. It is important to us that the magic of Lapland remains magic.


Our clothing is chosen for its unparalleled quality and functionality as well as the fact that its production is based on a very strict and ethical foundation.

Food & Drink

On our safaris, the majority of the food and drink we serve to our guests is locally sourced, which not only supports the community, but is also mostly ecological and natural.


The snowmobiles used at Due North Safaris are mostly 4 stroke machines that have low emissions and the buses are maintained regularly for pro-environmental reasons.

Guests opinions

We at Due North Safaris value feedback and what our guests have to say about us and the service we provide. Whether it be good or bad we take it very seriously and build on it to improve for the future.

WOWWWWW is the best word to describe what we have experienced with this company. Everything is the top, from snowmobile to the clothing, the choice of the track and last but not least the guides. All the one we have meet were very professional and friendly and funny during the tour. Don't miss something cooked by them in a Kota.
Alvaro P
Trip Advisor
Had the best time exploring Lapland with these guys! Very welcoming, relaxed and yet professional atmosphere! All of the staff that we got to meet were super nice! Hope to come back again!
Daphné Dougoud
Absolutely outstanding!! Highly professional with such a warm welcome. One not to be missed!!
Frankie Turley


Most frequent questions and answers. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us.

The thermal clothing is included in all of our safaris. Thermal clothing includes jacket, pants, boots, gloves and a hat. For snowmobile safaris we also include a helmet and a balaclava.

More info

Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon which has no schedule, so we can never guarantee that you will see them as with everything in nature. We will however continue the tour as planned regardless of the weather, as it can change very fast here in Lapland.

Aurora forecast…

Generally you need to be over 18 years old and have a valid driver’s licence to drive a car or a motorcycle. The information contained in a foreign driving licence must be in Latin alphabet and indicate the right to drive or there must be a translation of the information by a reliable party, such as an authorised translator, into Finnish, Swedish, English, German or French. Please NOTE! It is required of you to carry your drivers license with you when driving a snowmobile.

You can book safaris by contacting us through our contact page. You can also book safaris directly at our office upon your arrival, but we cannot guarantee availability for late bookings.

We suggest making a booking long in advance to ensure availability

Here you can read our terms and conditions.

All our safaris include a pick-up at your cabin or hotel as long as it is in the Yllas area. If you require a pick-up from further, then an additional transfer fee will be added to the safari price. It is also possible to meet at our safari house as most cabins and hotels are within walking distance. All the times and meeting info will be included in your booking confirmation.

Our prices are based per person with 2 people sharing one snowmobile unless otherwise stated.

If you wish to drive your own snowmobile on a safari, you can purchase a single drive supplement. This is per person and added to the price of the safari. You can purchase this suplement when booking any snowmobile safari.

The meeting times for our safaris are usually between 15-30 min before the safari starting time. The safari starting time is when the whole group is clothed and ready to go. Although we will do our best to try contact you and find out what is happening, it is  unfortunate that we cannot keep the whole group waiting for guests arriving late or just not showing up.

Besides the excellent thermal gear we provide for you it helps if you have your own thermal underwear and a good fleece sweater. The colder it is the more layers you should wear. Remember it’s always easier to remove layers than not have any to add.

Meet our team

The crew is the heart and soul of Due North Safaris. Coming together from all over the world, we bring a wealth of different experiences and a strong passion for nature and the environment. We are committed to what we do and we do it well.
Founder & ceo

Brian Stockil

Being born and raised in the bush-lands of Africa, Brian becomes skilled at almost everything you expose him to. If there is no way, he will find a way! Practical, technical or physical, nothing is too hard to overcome.

Co-founder & coo

Oscar Pihl

Oscar has spent half his life up and down mountain slopes with either off piste skis or a snowmobile attached to his feet. That said, it’s no surprise that he is the go to guy whenever you need a snowmobile fixed.

Chief guide

Jonas Pålsson

Jonas spends more time in nature with his camera and coffee pot than he does anything else. As an avid bird and nature photographer, he claims he’s been heartbroken just once and that was when his favourite lens broke.



Eukka was born and raised in Spain. His love of nature and travel eventually brought him to the arctic circle. Whether snow covered mountains or turquoise tropical waters he usually has a board beneath his feet.


Tanja Andershem

Tanja thrives in the forrest! She lives in her off-grid cabin in the woodlands with no electricity or running water. There she studies medicinal plants and writes. Once she  stumbled upon a snowmobile by accident and …


Isak Sandling

If you want to find Isak you either have to be wearing wading pants or hiking boots. This guy lives for fishing and hiking. He probably spends more nights in his tent and sleeping bag than in his bed at home.